Beginning December 1, 2017, Stony Point Pharmacy will hold a Grand Opening for their Online Gift Store located online at WWW.STONYPOINTPHARMACY.COM. In addition, they will also launch their Online Pharmacy Consultation Service via Skype to existing customers and continue to provide Online Refill Requests via MobileScripts.

As the independent pharmacy landscape has changed nationwide, Stony Point Pharmacy has remained a throwback in a community who continues to love and support their small business. But, as time has passed, new business approaches have been necessary to accommodate the growing demands of technological advancement.

“We are excited to be offering these new services. It’s been a long time coming,” Kenneth Pearson, Director of Quality Management & Strategic Planning, said. “We’ve been talking about doing this for years and decided now was the time. In the past few months, we’ve focused on expanding and evolving in the growing online market.”

The Online Gift Store will be stocked with books, baby clothing, blankets, jewelry, pet products, religious products, and many other items offered exclusively online. Shipping prices range up to $7.95 and are free if the item is shipped to the store for In-Store Pickup.

Additionally, Stony Point Pharmacy will now offer Online Pharmacy Consultation Services via Skype to existing customers free of charge. Sessions will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Customers will be asked to send a list of questions via e-mail to be answered 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. All sessions will require an appointment.

Continually, their MobileScripts APP and Online Refill Request Service has proven to be a success, and Stony Point Pharmacy is pleased to announce they will continue to implement this service indefinitely.

“We want to thank everyone who has continued to support us throughout the years and to thank all of our new clientele who have begun their journey with us,” Pearson said.

He added, “We want to continue to provide our clientele with the best service we can and hope these exciting new features make their experience with us even better for years to come.”

For more information, please contact us at or by phone at 845-942-1373.

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