In an effort to continue promoting the accessibility of their newly launched Online Gift Store (, Stony Point Pharmacy has extended its 15% Discount and Free USPS First Class Shipping through the end of 2017.

“It’s been somewhat slow, but I anticipated that,” said Kenneth Pearson, Director of Quality Management & Strategic Planning. “I didn’t expect customers to jump on board right away. They’re used to seeing the product in the store and purchasing it then, but the online platform offers another option. The initial intention was to make us more visible on the web.”

Since August 2017, they have continued to build their online presence by introducing the Online Gift Store, Online Consultations via Skype, and an increased presence on Social Media extending beyond Facebook, to platforms like WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram.

“We want our customers to realize how much we value them and their families, we want them to know how much we value their opinion, and we want the community to know how important they are to us. By extending further out through these online platforms, we are trying to bring the small town pharmacy into your home and to a larger audience. We are trying to reach out to those who may have moved away from Stony Point over the years. In 2018, we have plans to become a more visible, vocal, and accessible pharmacy.”

Some of those plans include the introduction of a Weekly Newsletter, Customer Surveys, Personalized Gift Baskets, E-Bay and Amazon Accounts, Custom Gift Cards, and even a Scholarship Fund.

“I’m excited for the plans we have for 2018, and I’m looking forward to the challenges it’ll pose,” Pearson said.

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