In an effort to continue offering the best service possible, Stony Point Pharmacy is now providing Online Consultations via Skype.

The promotion of Online Consultations comes as part of their 2018 incentives to add more of a virtual presence to the business.

“We want individuals to have various ways to communicate with us,” said Kenneth Pearson, Director of Quality Management & Strategic Planning. “Online Consultations will not only be about medications, but will also be about any questions or concerns the individual may have.”

Appointment duration may vary, but will typically last about 15-20 minutes.

“Our initial intention is to provide an in-depth analysis of current medications, so the individual becomes more comfortable with what they are taking. Therefore, we would ask that individuals wishing to take advantage of this service to provide questions about 24 hours prior to the appointment. This will make for a more efficient analysis,” Pearson continued. “Beyond its initial intention, though, it is a platform meant to keep us connected with the community.”

Because of limited time slots available on a weekly basis, consultations will require an appointment, and can be made by e-mailing Kenneth at:, or by completing the appointment request form on the Online Consultation page of the Stony Point Pharmacy webpage.

“We are very excited to offer this service and really hope our customers take advantage of it,” Pearson added.

For more information about this and other services, please visit, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, & LinkedIn.

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