For decades, Stony Point Pharmacy has prided themselves in offering the best possible experience for their customers. They have striven to provide the North Rockland Community with the customer service experience they deserve.

“Customer service has always been at the heart of our business,” said Kenneth Pearson, Director of Quality Management & Strategic Planning. “This is one area it’s imperative to be better than our competition.”

But besides customer service, the question has often been posed: “What specifically do they offer?” Here is a list of five underutilized services you may not have known STONY POINT PHARMACY offers:

  1. WATCH BATTERY INSTALLATION: For years, Stony Point Pharmacy has offered Watch Battery Installation at an affordable price. This extends to Car Entry Remotes, as well. They recommend changing your batteries once a year on or around Daylight Savings.
  2. ONLINE CONSULTATIONS: In November 2017, Stony Point Pharmacy launched their Online Consultations via Skype. This service is meant to give customers the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the medications they are prescribed. Appointments are required, and online sessions can last up to 20 minutes. More, they are free to existing prescription customers. For More Information, CLICK HERE!
  3. ONLINE GIFT STORE: The Online Gift Store was opened in October 2017, and features an alternate option for customers to shop. In addition to having their purchases mailed, they can also be picked up in-store. In 2018, the Online Gift Store is expected to see significant expansion and growth. Product payments can be made through PayPal. (SHOP NOW)
  4. ONLINE REFILL REQUESTS via MobileScripts: In August 2017, Stony Point Pharmacy incorporated a new APP to assist in Prescription Refills and give customers a way to refill their prescriptions online or via the APP. Additionally, once the prescription is refilled online, it can be viewed in the Patient’s profile. (MobileScripts)
  5. EVEN MORE WAYS TO CONNECT: Late 2017 also saw the expansion of Stony Point Pharmacy’s online presence to include (in addition to Facebook) Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn.

For more information regarding these and other services, please visit, or follow them on the various social media platforms.

You can also direct any questions to Kenneth Pearson at:

*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner operating the business since 1985.

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