The pharmacists at Stony Point Pharmacy understand most individuals do not want to come to the pharmacy to get medication. Many times it means they are not feeling well because they are dealing with some form of illness, and the last thing they want is a negative or inefficient experience.

While the pharmacists work diligently to create a positive experience, here are several tips you can adapt to help create a better pharmacy experience for yourself as well. These suggestions are not restricted to Stony Point Pharmacy customers, but for anyone who visits a pharmacy.

EDUCATE YOURSELF REGARDING THE MEDICATIONS YOU ARE PRESCRIBED. Too often, the pharmacists encounter individuals who do not know what medications they are taking or why they are taking them. Many times, these are also maintenance medications – medications they may have been prescribed for a prolonged period of time. Take time to get to know your medications, what their basic function is, and why you are taking them. Know their physical characteristics, so if there is ever a discrepancy, you will be able to identify it. If your medication looks different, reach out to your pharmacist. Manufacturers are constantly changing, and not all forms of the medication look the same. Speaking only for the pharmacists at Stony Point Pharmacy, they appreciate these phone calls because it is another way they can be checked.

Stony Point Pharmacy offers ONLINE CONSULTATIONS via SKYPE.


TRY AVOIDING PEAK HOURS. Retail pharmacy does not have the same traditional busy days as other retail venues. Where most other retail venues are busy on the weekends, retail pharmacy stores are typically their slowest. Surprisingly, Monday is, by far, the busiest day of the week in retail pharmacy, followed by Tuesday. By avoiding these two days with non-urgent matters or refills, you will be less likely to encounter an experience in which you feel rushed. Further, scheduling your visit to the pharmacy, particularly Stony Point Pharmacy, outside of their first business hour and immediately following school hours on the weekdays, you will find fewer individuals competing for the pharmacist’s attention.

REFILLS. Know how many refills you have remaining on your medication. When you are at the doctor’s office, ask the doctor to provide multiple refills on medications you are expected to take as maintenance. Request your refills 24-hours in advance. Most insurance plans permit medications to be filled after 80% completion, but this is not always the case. Do not wait until the last minute to refill medications to avoid possible issues. Many of these issues can be resolved within 24 hours. By doing this, you will avoid a potential lapse in medication therapy.

AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE. With the high cost of medication co-pays, it is important you ask your doctor to prescribe generically wherever possible. Many times, these medications are cheaper and readily available. Brand name medications, in many cases, have generic alternatives. This means even though the brand name medication may not have a generic available, there may be a generic alternative available in the same class of medications. Also, Prior Authorizations have become increasingly prevalent on brand names medications, and can take up to a week’s time to resolve (although most are resolved within 24 to 48 business hours). This can be avoided by asking the doctor to prescribe generically.

DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PHARMACIST. ONLINE CONSULTATIONS Get to know your pharmacist. The pharmacist and pharmacy staff at Stony Point Pharmacy are there to help you better your healthcare. That means, they are there to provide information to you as it pertains to your medications and other healthcare concerns. Do not be afraid to reach out to them and ask questions.

IF POSSIBLE, FILL YOUR MEDICATIONS AT THE SAME PHARMACY. Filling your medications at the same pharmacy permits the pharmacist to continuously check for medication interactions. This will enable your pharmacist to become more efficient in recommending medications and suggesting alternative medication therapy. If you do not fill you medications at the same pharmacy, let your pharmacist know what other medications you are taking so they can check medication interactions for your safety.

KNOW YOUR INSURANCE. It is important to understand the parameters set forth by your insurance plan in terms of co-pay structure and medication coverage. This will save you an enormous amount of frustration. While Stony Point Pharmacy tries to know the parameters of each plan, it is very difficult to do so because of the number of different plans and sub-plans. If you have a new insurance plan, be sure to bring the associated cards with you during your next visit to the store.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS & VITAMINS. If you are taking any over-the-counter medications and vitamins, please be sure to inform the pharmacist. If you have medical issues, such as High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, it is extremely important to let the pharmacist know of these and other conditions prior to purchasing an over-the-counter medication or vitamin. Oftentimes, there is nothing to be concerned with, but that does not mean there is not a possibility of an interaction.

PHARMACIES HAVE REGULATIONS TO FOLLOW. Please know, the pharmacy wants to fill your medication. It is the lifeline of their business. But, regulations are set by the insurance company, state, DEA, and sometimes by Stony Point Pharmacy themselves which regulates the dispensing of medications, particularly controlled substances. Stony Point Pharmacy has enacted their own uniform minimum completion rate policy for both non-controlled and controlled medications. Please feel free to inquiry about our store policy on this matter.

As always, the staff at Stony Point Pharmacy thanks you for your continued patronage, and wish to continue enhancing your pharmacy experience. If you have any questions, please email Kenneth Pearson at

*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner in operation since 1985.

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