Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it’s not a coincidence that American Heart Month coincides with this holiday. Unfortunately, there are still so many individuals who believe it is necessary to be in a “relationship” to participate in the gift giving festivities of Valentine’s Day. But the joy of giving and receiving is that it can go beyond “relationships” and focus on the one person you should prioritize the most – YOU!

That is why, this year, try giving something different. Be thoughtful and generous by giving a gift that will last a lifetime. Maximize your Life Expectancy by Giving the Gift of a Healthy Heart! #AmericanHeartMonth


DARK CHOCOLATE: Well, not really an alternate, but of course the suggestions have to start with chocolate. It is Valentine’s Day, after all. But instead of reaching for the white or milk chocolate, substitute it with dark. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can have benefits for your heart when consumed in moderation. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate. In addition to having antioxidant qualities, research shows that flavanols have other potential influences on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain and heart, and making blood platelets less sticky and able to clot.” [1]

Stony Point Pharmacy is a proud retailer of both CHOCOLATE PLACE CHOCOLATES & LUCAS CANDIES, and can provide help in searching for the perfect Dark Chocolate Gift to fit your budgetary needs.

RAW HONEY: Raw Honey has become a staple suggestion for health promotion in the last few years, but it is often mistaken for any honey. It has a number of benefits, but as it pertains to the heart, can aid in lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. There are two types of honey, Raw and Commercial. Most of us, when we go to the supermarket, intend to do the right thing for our health and purchase honey. Quite often, though, what is sold in the supermarket is Commercial Honey. Commercial Honey is heavily processed and exposed to high heat which destroys the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Raw Honey is not filtered in this same regard and is not exposed to a heat above 95 degrees, which is the temperature of the beehive. This is turn, preserves the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Your best bet is to purchase local honey, as the bees are exposed to the local vegetation.

Stony Point Pharmacy has teamed with PRITCHETT APIARIES of Pearl River, NY to provide their source of local honey. They offer packaged honey which would make a thoughtful gift. According to their description, their product is “naturally foraged honey from the bounty of Lower Hudson Valley and Bergen County NJ.”

YOGA CLASS: The benefits of yoga have long been studied and, according to Julie Corliss, Executive Editor of the Harvard Heart Letter, “Performing a variety of yoga postures gently stretches and exercises muscles … Deep breathing can help lower blood pressure. Mind-calming meditation … quiets the nervous system and eases stress. All of these improvements may help prevent heart disease, and can definitely help people with cardiovascular problems.” This makes for a great opportunity for a gift for your significant other and yourself. The suggestion is to take a block of classes to find both the class which is most suited for you and the instructor which you feel most comfortable. [2]

The North Rockland area has several different locations which offer Yoga Classes.

EXERCISE ROUTINE: By now, any good intention to begin an exercise routine as a New Year’s Resolution has faded, and that’s okay. Alas, redemption! The joy of an exercise routine as a New Year’s Resolution is it does not have wait until next January!  February is American Heart Month, which means, any day is a good day to begin an exercise routine. But for Valentine’s Day, what better gift to give yourself than an activity which will make you stronger, more focused, feel better, and most importantly, give your heart the workout it craves! You’ve wanted an excuse to start an exercise routine, now is the perfect opportunity. DAILY BURN has suggestions for Valentine’s Day workouts WITH your partner. (Disclaimer: ALWAYS consult with your physician before beginning any workout routine to ensure you will not put yourself at risk for injury.)


BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR: This is by far the least sexy of the items on this list, but it is one of the most practical and has its benefits. If you’ve been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, it is always recommended you monitor your blood pressure. The automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is not a glamorous item to own, which is why you may have been putting off purchasing one.  If you need an excuse to purchase it, here it is: According the the National Institute of Health Research, “People with high blood pressure are more likely to have their blood pressure controlled after 12 months if they self-monitor AND receive counselling … compared with usual monitoring in the clinic.” Recommendations for monitoring your Blood Pressure can be found by clicking this link to the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION[3] 

STONY POINT PHARMACY is a retailer of OMRON PRODUCTS, and will guide you to the monitor which will best suit your needs.


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NOTE: This post is intended to provide suggestions and is not intended to take the place of any medical advice provided by your physician. If you are unsure about its content, please contact Kenneth Pearson at the above e-mail address. You may also contact your physician for further clarification, as they are the most versed in your healthcare, and will be able to provide you with ample guidance.


*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner in operation since 1985. 

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February is AMERICAN HEART MONTH, and there has never been a more urgent time to become acquainted with your heart. Whether you are an 80-year-old or a 20-year-old, new parameters have been adapted which could impact the way you approach your healthcare and life choices.


In November of 2017, the American Heart Association published new guidelines for what is now considered High Blood Pressure. Previously, the threshold for High Blood Pressure would be measured at 140/90 or above. Now, the new guidelines decreased this threshold level to 130/80 or above.

According to the American Heart Association, “The change [in guidelines] means 46 percent of U.S. adults are identified as having high blood pressure, compared with 32 percent under the previous definition. A blood pressure of less than 120/80 still will be considered normal, but levels at or above that, to 129, will be called ‘elevated.'”


So what does this mean for you?

It means you must begin to consider your life choices. Having an ‘elevated’ level does not necessarily mean you have to begin taking medications, but it does mean you have to be monitored and consider a lifestyle change.

Here are a few suggestions:

GET AN ANNUAL PHYSICAL: Many individuals do not like to go to their physician unless they are sick. We all have busy lives and taking a few hours to be evaluated does not seem like an enjoyable experience or the best use of valuable time. But getting an annual physical will provide the physician with a sample of your medical history which can be used to determine the best route of therapy if treatment is required. It also gives the individual the opportunity to be proactive, so treatment does not have to begin at a critical juncture. You can check your risk by using the calculator below.


EXERCISE: “Adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity [spread out over the course of the] week” (Mayo Clinic). This can be as little as 30-minutes of walking 5 days per week or a 25-minute high intensive workout 3 days per week. Most adults do not want to exercise, and do not believe they have the time to do so. But, by setting this time aside each week, it can have long term benefits for your health. Go for a run, walk through the woods, or dance. Anything is better than a sedentary life.


EAT HEALTHY: Over the last decade, there has been a movement in the United States for individuals to become more health conscious and incorporate healthier options into their diets. Some of the suggestions for a healthy heart diet include choosing low-fat protein sources such as lean ground meats, fish, eggs, and legumes; reducing the sodium content by using more herbs & spices; eating more natural fruits & vegetables; decreasing sugar content; and controlling portion sizes. As you incorporate this diet, you will not only begin to feel more energetic, but it may decrease your waistline as well.

LAUGH MORE, LAUGH OFTEN: You read that correctly. Enjoy your life. LAUGH MORE & LAUGH OFTEN! Studies have shown laughing releases natural mood enhancing chemicals such as Dopamine, Endorphins, GABA, Oxytocin, etc. which may decrease stress levels and lower your blood pressure. And the more you laugh, the less stress you may feel. Laughter should not be a substitute for other methods and traditional blood pressure treatments, but it certainly cannot hurt. So today’s prescription: Watch a Good Comedy!

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC YOU LOVE: Just like laughing, listening to the music you love can also reduce stress. This, in-turn, can lower your blood pressure. Even if you do not prefer Classical Music, it is recommended you spend a little time each day listening to it to help relax and decrease stress.

QUIT SMOKING: In 2018, it is no secret smoking does not have any health benefits. There are countless medical journals and studies which can be offered as support to this claim. The chemicals in tobacco can damage the function of your heart and blood vessels, and increases your risk of Atherosclerosis, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). By quitting smoking, you decrease your risk of developing these and other medical conditions. Recent studies have extended the potential risks associated with smoking to E-Cigarettes (Vaping), although the risks are significantly lower than traditional smoking products. If you would like more information regarding smoking cessation, please contact us!

DECREASE EXCESSIVE CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL INTAKE: Anything in excess can have a negative impact on an individual’s health, but caffeine and alcohol in excess can raise blood pressure, even if temporarily. This can put an individual already at risk for heart attack and stroke at even greater risk. The suggestion, according to the Mayo Clinic, is if you have to have coffee or alcohol, to drink no more than TWO 8-ounce standard cups of coffee per day and to drink no more than 4 to 5 alcoholic beverages per week spread out. In moderation, coffee and wine have certain health benefits, but in excess, can be detrimental to an individual’s health by constricting blood vessels and forcing the heart to work harder to distribute oxygen rich blood.

As always, Stony Point Pharmacy would like to thank all of their customers for their continued patronage.

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NOTE: This post is intended to provide suggestions and is not intended to take the place of any medical advice provided by your physician. If you are unsure about its content, please contact Kenneth Pearson at the above e-mail address. You may also contact your physician for further clarification, as they are the most versed in your healthcare, and will be able to provide you with ample guidance.


*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner in operation since 1985.

Tips to Create a Better Pharmacy Experience

The pharmacists at Stony Point Pharmacy understand most individuals do not want to come to the pharmacy to get medication. Many times it means they are not feeling well because they are dealing with some form of illness, and the last thing they want is a negative or inefficient experience.

While the pharmacists work diligently to create a positive experience, here are several tips you can adapt to help create a better pharmacy experience for yourself as well. These suggestions are not restricted to Stony Point Pharmacy customers, but for anyone who visits a pharmacy.

EDUCATE YOURSELF REGARDING THE MEDICATIONS YOU ARE PRESCRIBED. Too often, the pharmacists encounter individuals who do not know what medications they are taking or why they are taking them. Many times, these are also maintenance medications – medications they may have been prescribed for a prolonged period of time. Take time to get to know your medications, what their basic function is, and why you are taking them. Know their physical characteristics, so if there is ever a discrepancy, you will be able to identify it. If your medication looks different, reach out to your pharmacist. Manufacturers are constantly changing, and not all forms of the medication look the same. Speaking only for the pharmacists at Stony Point Pharmacy, they appreciate these phone calls because it is another way they can be checked.

Stony Point Pharmacy offers ONLINE CONSULTATIONS via SKYPE.


TRY AVOIDING PEAK HOURS. Retail pharmacy does not have the same traditional busy days as other retail venues. Where most other retail venues are busy on the weekends, retail pharmacy stores are typically their slowest. Surprisingly, Monday is, by far, the busiest day of the week in retail pharmacy, followed by Tuesday. By avoiding these two days with non-urgent matters or refills, you will be less likely to encounter an experience in which you feel rushed. Further, scheduling your visit to the pharmacy, particularly Stony Point Pharmacy, outside of their first business hour and immediately following school hours on the weekdays, you will find fewer individuals competing for the pharmacist’s attention.

REFILLS. Know how many refills you have remaining on your medication. When you are at the doctor’s office, ask the doctor to provide multiple refills on medications you are expected to take as maintenance. Request your refills 24-hours in advance. Most insurance plans permit medications to be filled after 80% completion, but this is not always the case. Do not wait until the last minute to refill medications to avoid possible issues. Many of these issues can be resolved within 24 hours. By doing this, you will avoid a potential lapse in medication therapy.

AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE. With the high cost of medication co-pays, it is important you ask your doctor to prescribe generically wherever possible. Many times, these medications are cheaper and readily available. Brand name medications, in many cases, have generic alternatives. This means even though the brand name medication may not have a generic available, there may be a generic alternative available in the same class of medications. Also, Prior Authorizations have become increasingly prevalent on brand names medications, and can take up to a week’s time to resolve (although most are resolved within 24 to 48 business hours). This can be avoided by asking the doctor to prescribe generically.

DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PHARMACIST. ONLINE CONSULTATIONS Get to know your pharmacist. The pharmacist and pharmacy staff at Stony Point Pharmacy are there to help you better your healthcare. That means, they are there to provide information to you as it pertains to your medications and other healthcare concerns. Do not be afraid to reach out to them and ask questions.

IF POSSIBLE, FILL YOUR MEDICATIONS AT THE SAME PHARMACY. Filling your medications at the same pharmacy permits the pharmacist to continuously check for medication interactions. This will enable your pharmacist to become more efficient in recommending medications and suggesting alternative medication therapy. If you do not fill you medications at the same pharmacy, let your pharmacist know what other medications you are taking so they can check medication interactions for your safety.

KNOW YOUR INSURANCE. It is important to understand the parameters set forth by your insurance plan in terms of co-pay structure and medication coverage. This will save you an enormous amount of frustration. While Stony Point Pharmacy tries to know the parameters of each plan, it is very difficult to do so because of the number of different plans and sub-plans. If you have a new insurance plan, be sure to bring the associated cards with you during your next visit to the store.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS & VITAMINS. If you are taking any over-the-counter medications and vitamins, please be sure to inform the pharmacist. If you have medical issues, such as High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, it is extremely important to let the pharmacist know of these and other conditions prior to purchasing an over-the-counter medication or vitamin. Oftentimes, there is nothing to be concerned with, but that does not mean there is not a possibility of an interaction.

PHARMACIES HAVE REGULATIONS TO FOLLOW. Please know, the pharmacy wants to fill your medication. It is the lifeline of their business. But, regulations are set by the insurance company, state, DEA, and sometimes by Stony Point Pharmacy themselves which regulates the dispensing of medications, particularly controlled substances. Stony Point Pharmacy has enacted their own uniform minimum completion rate policy for both non-controlled and controlled medications. Please feel free to inquiry about our store policy on this matter.

As always, the staff at Stony Point Pharmacy thanks you for your continued patronage, and wish to continue enhancing your pharmacy experience. If you have any questions, please email Kenneth Pearson at

*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner in operation since 1985.


As the influenza season reaches full capacity, it is important to be reminded of basic procedures to minimize the possibility of both contracting and spreading the virus. Additionally, these recommendations may help keep your family and friends healthy, as well.

Following these and other suggestions may significantly decrease the possibility of contracting the influenza virus and/or passing it on to others.

  1. Wash Your Hands Frequently. According to the CDC, properly washing your hands is still the most effective way to prevent the spread of the influenza virus. It is recommended to wash your hands before, during, and after preparing food; before eating food; before and after caring for someone who is sick; before and after treating a cut or wound; after using the toilet; after changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet; after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; after touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste; and after touching garbage. To watch a video showing how to properly wash your hands, CLICK HERE. [CDC]
  2. Avoid Contact With Those Who Are Infected. Although this is not always a possibility, attempting to avoid contact with those who are infected with the influenza virus will decrease your chances of becoming infected. There are procedures to follow if you must be around those who are sick, such as frequently washing your hands and wearing a mask, so be proactive in your approach.
  3. Stay Away from Others If You Are Infected. This is simple – if you are sick, STAY HOME! Your colleagues, friends, and family members will appreciate the fact you are not exposing them to the virus. If it is imperative to be in public, be cognizant of others – WEAR A MASK, DISINFECT, and DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE TO THEM!
  4. Boost Your Immune System Through Healthy Living. It is no secret that, more-often-than-not, those who live a healthier life have a stronger immune system. Exercise, diet, and sleep are key components to healthy living. Those who exercise do not necessarily boost their immune system, but instead create the foundation for living a healthier lifestyle which may, in-turn, create a stronger immune system. The body also becomes equipped to handle sickness and recover more quickly. / Colorful fruits and vegetables, garlic, and whole grains have all been proven to be beneficial in increasing the functionality of the immune system. Incorporating these foods into your diet may help boost your immune system. / Lastly, sleep is important in both preventing and healing your illness. According to WebMD, “It turns out that lack of sleep really may make us more prone to catching colds and the [influenza virus … because] sleep deprivation suppresses immune system function.” The recommendation is getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, but mostly, it is about regulating your sleep patterns by going to sleep and rising at the same time each day. [WebMD]
  5. Wear a Mask. Wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of the influenza virus. According to Dr. James Steckelbery, “[Influenza] masks may help block airborne germs, and they may also prevent the transmission of germs from your hands to your mouth or nose.” Although their effectiveness may vary in prevention, it is recommended whomever has the flu should wear a mask if they are around other individuals. [Mayo Clinic]
  6. Stay Well-Hydrated. Hydration is another key component to warding off and fighting the influenza virus because it promotes maximized organ function. It also encourages freely flowing blood which, in-turn, boosts the immune system function. It is recommended to drink between a total of 30 to 50 ounces of water daily, spread out throughout the course of the day.
  7. Rest. Chances are, if you have the influenza virus, the last thing you are going to want to do is, well, anything. So, take the recommended time off and rest. The CDC recommends staying home at least 24 hours after your fever goes away, unless you need to leave the house for medical care or other urgent reasons. There are times and certain circumstances in which we do not have the luxury of fully resting because of parenting or a profession which requires our attention. The recommendation is to rest when you can. If you have the resources to hire a babysitter for a few days, do so. The more you can rest, the quicker you’ll get better! [WebMD]
  8. Clean. If someone in your house is sick, be sure to disinfect any surface which they come in contact. Use Lysol or any other strong disinfectant.
  9. Treat Your Symptoms. Treating your symptoms is the only way to combat the influenza virus. Unfortunately, there is no cure. But, there are Cold & Flu remedies which can help with the symptoms. Because of other medical factors which go into recommending a product (i.e. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Liver Diseases, etc.), recommendations can be made by consulting with one of the pharmacists at Stony Point Pharmacy. (If you are reading this outside of the North Rockland area or are not a current customer, we recommend contacting your local pharmacy or pharmacist.) Inhaling moist air has its benefits, as it may help loosen mucus in the nasal passages and/or lungs.
  10. Be Hygienic. Be sure to cover your nose when you sneeze, cover your mouth when you cough (immediately wash your hands after both), and shower daily. Showering daily not only cleanses your skin and creates the ‘fresh’ feeling, but inhaling the steam may help with any respiratory problems which you may be suffering.
  11. Attitude is Everything. This may be the hardest of all these recommendations. Studies have shown when an individual is sick and they maintain a positive attitude, the body sometimes responds by improving its physical health. This may not always be the case, but it will not hurt to approach having the influenza virus with a positive attitude! It will lift not only your spirits, but everyone else’s spirits around you.
  12. Consult Your Physician or Healthcare Professional. Finally, consulting your physician is the only way which you can be prescribed an anti-viral medication, most notably, Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®). Oseltamivir is highly effective in decreasing the longevity and symptoms of the influenza virus, but it is not recommended for everyone, as it may have side effects for some. Only you and your Healthcare Professional can determine if this medication is right for you.

If there are any questions about this, or any other post, please contact Kenneth Pearson at:

NOTE: This post is intended to provide suggestions and is not intended to take the place of any medical advice provided by your physician. If you are unsure about its content, please contact Kenneth Pearson at the above e-mail address. You may also contact your physician for further clarification, as they are the most versed in your healthcare, and will be able to provide you with ample guidance.

*Stony Point Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Stony Point, NY. It has been in operation since 1956, with the current owner in operation since 1985.